Dasuquin Advanced Soft Chews with ESM (Egg Shell Membrane)

Dasuquin Advanced Soft Chews with ESM (Egg Shell Membrane)

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Dasuquin® Advanced With ESM Soft Chews

  • Veterinarian exclusive formulation
  • Available in Large and Small/Medium Dog sizes
  • Helps support cartilage matrix production
  • Helps inhibit certain enzymes that breakdown cartilage
  • Provides antioxidant support
  • Partially hydrolyzed eggshell membrane NMXEM70™ has been shown in studies to provide a significant difference in comfort and function of joints in as little as one week.*

  • Large Dogs(60 lbs. and Over)
  • Small to Medium Dogs(Under 60 lbs.)

Dasuquin® Advanced with Egg Shell Membrane starts with the exact formula of proprietary ingredients from Dasuquin® Advanced and adds partially hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, which has been shown to help support a quick response in joint comfort and function for dogs*. [*Ruff KJ, Kopp KJ, Von Behrens P, et al. Effectiveness of NEM® brand eggshell membrane in the treatment of suboptimal joint function in dogs: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Veterinary Medicine: Research and Reports 2016;7:113]